The Productivity Planner

The Productivity Planner


❤ Digital Productivity Planner ❤

The Digital Productivity Planner will help you prioritize and accomplish the most important tasks that make your day satisfying. Quality over quantity. Combined with the Pomodoro Technique to help you avoid distractions, the Productivity Planner assists you to get better work done in less time. Everything in one place! Message me if you need ANY help with your bundle or you have questions. I usually respond right away! :-)

EASY TO IMPORT - Import to any PDF editor (Goodnotes, Notability, Acrobat, etc.)
INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Get it right away
HYPERLINKED - Easy navigation

The Goodnotes Productivity Planner is made for digital use and not produced for printing. You can use the planner in any app that allows PDF annotation.

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❤ What's Inside ❤

1. Front Cover

2. Contents (Hyperlinked index for easy access)

3. Goals

☆ Yearly Overview
☆ Yearly Goals
☆ Big Goal Roadmap
☆ Quarterly Goals
☆ Monthly Checklist
☆ Future Writing
☆ Yearly Financial Goals

4. Productivity

☆ Project Overview
☆ Project Timeline
☆ Task Matrix
☆ Task Tracker
☆ 4 Week Planner
☆ Habit Tracker
☆ Pomodoro Planner

5. Monthly

☆ Monthly Planner
☆ Monthly Goals
☆ Monthly Review

6. Weekly

☆ Weekly Planner Split Monday
☆ Weekly Planner Split Sunday
☆ Weekly Habit Planner Monday
☆ Weekly Habit Planner Sunday

7. Daily

☆ Daily Planner Timed
☆ Daily Planner Untimed
☆ Daily Routines

8. Essentials - Notes (copy and paste as many as you need, anywhere in the planner)

☆ Grid
☆ Lined
☆ Dotted
☆ Blank

9. Bonus matching sticker sheets!

➜ FAQ:

-How to Import to Goodnotes?-

1. In the Goodnotes library click on the + sign and click on Import
2. Click on Google Drive (or the place you downloaded your planner to), and select it
3. The file will download into the Goodnotes Library, then click on the planner cover to open it
4. Once the notebook opens and you see the cover, click on the 4 squares in the top left corner to view all of the pages
5. Delete the covers you don't want, copy and paste pages, and start planning!

- How to copy and paste pages in Goodnotes 5? -

1. Click on the 4 squares in the top left corner to view all of the pages
2. Click "Select" and click on the page you want to copy
3. Go to the place in your planner where you want to paste your page4. Click on the Plus button and click "Paste Page"