Language Study Planner

Language Study Planner


❤ Digital Language Planner ❤ 

Get your language learning in order and finally get started learning your dream language. The Digital Language Planner is hyperlinked, perfect for Goodnotes, Notability, etc. Unlimited pages! All you need to do is copy and paste the layouts wherever you want in the planner. 

With your Language Study Planner, you will be able to study during your semester, achieve student goals, track your progress, and organize your language studies easily. You will also be able to track your study sessions and keep vocabulary and verb collections. Everything in one place! Message me if you need ANY help with your bundle or you have questions. I usually respond right away! :-) 

EASY TO IMPORT - Import to any PDF editor (Goodnotes, Notability, Acrobat, etc.)
INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Get it right away

This Polyglot Planner is made for digital use and not produced for printing. You can use the planner in any app that allows PDF annotation.

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❤ What's Inside ❤ 

1. Front Covers (pink and blue)

2. Planner

☆ Yearly Overview
☆ Monthly Planner Undated
☆ Weekly Planner
☆ Daily Study Planner

3. Collections 

☆ Vocabulary
☆ Verbs
☆ Irregular Verbs

4. Grammar

☆ Gold List Method 
☆ Verb Conjugations
☆ Opposites

5. Trackers

☆ Monthly Study Tracker
☆ Pomodoro Method Planner
☆ Language Resources
☆ Things To Look Up
☆ Most Used Phrases

6. Language In Use

☆ Writing Study
☆ Reading List

7. Notes (copy and paste as many as you need, anywhere in the planner)

☆ Grid
☆ Lined
☆ Dotted
☆ Blank

8. Bonus matching sticker sheet!