the life planners

creating balance in your life


Elegance is for fashion

Extreme is for sports

Balance is for Life

The Fitness Planner

Make Your Fitness
Goals a Reality

Stick to your plan this time around because now is the best time to start! Plan at any stage of your fitness journey.

The Finance Planner

Stay On Top Of Your Money

Manage your finances effortlessly. See all of your bills and money in one place. Create a budget that makes sense and plan for the future.

The Travel Planner

Plan Your Perfect Trip

It’s time to create your perfect adventure. Stop feeling overwhelmed by the amount of research you need to do. Plan step by step to design your best vacation yet.

The Student Planner

Designed For Students By Students

Stop feeling overwhelmed by organizing all aspects of your student life.

The Business Planner

Design Your Ideal Business

Organize your small business all in one place.

The Life Planner

Day to Day Planning

Carefully designed to help you plan out your goals - however big or small.