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digital planning

Hey there friend!

Welcome to the wonderful world of digital planning. Come back to this page every time you have a question about getting started.



Let’s kick start your digital planner journey! I recommend using Goodnotes 5 
and Google Drive for storing your planners.

How to import to Goodnotes

1. In the Goodnotes library click on the + sign and click on Import
2. Click on Google Drive (or the place you downloaded your planner to), and select it
3. The file will download into the Goodnotes Library, then click on the planner cover to open it
4. Once the notebook opens and you see the cover, click on the 4 squares in the top left corner to view all of the pages
5. Delete the covers you don’t want, copy and paste pages, and start planning!

How to copy pages in Goodnotes

1. Click on the 4 squares in the top left corner to view all of the pages
2. Click “Select” and click on the page you want to copy
3. Go to the place in your planner where you want to paste your page
4. Click on the Plus button and click “Paste Page”

How to unzip .zip and .rar files

1. Go to the Files app on your iPad (you can find it by typing in “Files” in the  iPad search bar)
2. Find your planner in the .zip format and open it
3. Click on share and save it to files
4. Go to Goodnotes and import as you normally would. The file will be on your iPad (Usually in the Keynote folder)