Organize Your Life With Time Blocking


If you want to get more done without feeling busier, I have a solution for you! The journey of finding new ways to optimize your schedule can ironically be... very time draining. That’s why I’ve done all of the work for you. Use this post as a resource to jump-start your productivity and as your quick guide to Time Blocking.

P.S. There is a Time Blocking Freebie for you at the end!

What is time blocking?

Time blocking (or calendar blocking) is taking a chunk of time and assigning productive tasks to it. I will show you my strategy, and more importantly, you will learn how to implement it yourself.Time blocking starts by you looking at your calendar and assigning different activities to certain time blocks. There are 2 reasons why you might want to time block: 1. You are scheduling everything that you would schedule anyways, or 2. You are trying to figure out how to use your time more effectively.Time blocking will help you find time in your schedule when you are not being productive.

Remember to time block your calendar in the most realistic way possible and do not over schedule yourself. Instead, start small and build up to having more productive days.To start time blocking you will need to choose an app or planner to do it. I have used several different platforms in the past like Google Calendar, WeekPlan, my bullet journal, etc., but currently, I am using a digital planner for scheduling my time.  


Simple time blocking strategy

The first thing you should time block is your work or your school time if you are a student. This is because these 2 categories likely take most of your available time. Now you will see a clearer picture of what slots are available for customization.Next, you should time block your priorities according to your goals. This may be the time you are working on a new project, time for homework, or your creative time.With the biggest chunks out of the way, we are free to schedule in our personal time.

This is the time when you are working out, eating, or reading your new book of the month.An important thing to mention is to remind you to schedule in your “dead (wasted) time”. Wasted time is the time you spend driving getting somewhere, getting ready, or unexpected delays throughout your day. Don’t expect your scheduled time to go exactly as you predicted.