Planning For A Productive Week

Planning for productivity has to start from a top down point of view. You need to think about what your mission and what your long-term goals are. Planning for a productive week is done to accommodate these long-term goals and dreams of ours. When you are giving every hour of your day a job, you need to carefully select who does what, so that you can achieve maximum effectiveness from your "team"!


Productive Week Planning Tools

These goals are then split into simpler tasks that can be put on your weekly agenda. For planning my week, I use the Week Plan app that is connected with my Google Calendar, and I also use my Bullet Journal.

productive week

In Week Plan and Google Calendar, I use time blocking to schedule my day. After that is completed, I go into my Bullet Journal and split all of those goals into smaller tasks for each day. This way you ensure you are staying on track with your priorities. 


Time Management Matrix

When you are planning your weekly and monthly goals, and you are struggling with prioritizing - a useful method is the quadrant method called the "Time management matrix" by Stephen Covey. It helps you split your assignments into urgent vs important. This method is very effective. It's mentioned in the book "7 Habits Of Highly Effective People". The matrix looks something like this:


It can be useful to plan ahead. If you didn’t plan out your day previously, this would be the right time to write down everything you need and wish to do. Planning and keeping a journal have been proven to reduce levels of anxiety and stress, as well as bringing you closer to your goals.

Today we have so many resources available for free and all it takes is a Google search to find them. Having an  organized life is becoming cool and I am loving that! 

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