How to Study for Exams Stress Free

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Getting over exam anxiety can be ridiculously hard to do. In order to overcome this, a shift needs to be made. For me this happened when I discovered the wonderful world of planning! Today it seems absolutely crazy to me that at one point I wasn't planning out my days. Being prepared is actually what helped me stop feeling anxious.

how to study

how to study

Set up your semester schedule

This seems obvious but it is easy to miss when the school year is just starting. I always felt very overwhelmed, especially if there are a lot of new subjects in that term. The first step is to look at your new subjects and figure out when the tests and exams are coming. This is going to be the outline of your student planner. The "big goal" is to pass all of your exams.

To do this, it is necessary to split the big goals into smaller tasks. You need to create steps for yourself that you can take every day to bring yourself closer to success. Without actionable steps, it will be very hard to stay focused and study on time. And you will most definitely be stressed out when the exam term comes.

Coursework + Project Overview

how to study

how to study

Okay, now that you have your master schedule you are ready to hit the actionable steps. Take a look at the lesson and homework plan to figure out how much work there is. For example, one of my classes has 15 lessons throughout 15 weeks. There is one homework task that has to be done each week. I make it a point to finish this task every week without them piling up.

The key is to stay consistent and work almost every day. I am sure this sounds like a lot, but in reality, you will spend much less time studying this way then if you were to wait until the last minute. Finishing your homework on time will also make it easier for you to pass your exam because you will have given the material time to settle in your memory.

Prepare for class

Being disciplined and learning how to study is a step that every successful student had to take at some point. We all know how hard it is to stay focused with all of the distractions around us. It's super easy to take the path of least resistance.

This is perfectly fine for the ordinary person, but if you want to be extraordinary you need to do extraordinary things. Being prepared for the right moment is the best thing you can do for yourself. In studying terms this means looking at the lecture material prior to the class.

It is again one of those things that seem like extra work but will, in reality, help you tremendously when the exams come. After the class, make sure to look at your notes and summarize. This way you are making sure that the knowledge you picked up is solidified.

Study techniques

To do well in your class you will need to do your coursework, your projects, and essays. The best way to make sure you are staying productive is to apply as a study technique that suits you best. When I study I listen to some relaxing music that helps me focus and I use the Pomodoro timer.

There are a lot of resources and apps out there to help you apply this technique. The Pomodoro method makes you focus for 25 minutes with 5 or 15-minute breaks in between the productive chunks. It is one of the simplest methods but it is very effective and I use it all the time, even when I'm writing a blog post like this one!

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