How To Organize Your Entire Year - Life Planning

Whether it’s the start of a new year or you are simply in need of a fresh start, preparing for the the upcoming period is never a bad idea. If you want to improve as a person and you have things you want to achieve in mind, setting up goals and actionable steps is essential to your success. Without a clear path that you want to take, you might end up lost, or worse - distracted


Life Audit - 80/20 Rule

Before putting your goals on paper, it's important to evaluate the past year and what you have or have not accomplished. It is very common that 20% of your efforts would have produced 80% of your results. This is applicable to business as well as your personal life. For example, the same rule applies to people you surround yourself with. Figure out which 20% of them are causing you to be the happiest and who is doing the opposite. This information may give you a clearer picture of what you should have more of in your daily life.

Goal Setting

The first step I take at the beginning of the planning process is writing down exactly what I would like to achieve in the following year. You should take a look at personal and professional goals. Professional goals can be related to studying, developing your business, or advancing in your career. Personal goals can be related to health and fitness, relationships with your friends and family, skills that you want to obtain like learning a new language or learning how to code. Setting goals allows you to create an actionable plan that is much more likely to work then just aimlessly wandering around.

To think about priorities is to think about what is most important to you. What is the one thing, that if you achieved it today, would make the greatest impact on your life?  Think about if that is something you should start from. both personal and professional goals are important, and keeping a balance is valuable to your mental health. However, picking the most important of the personal goals and the most important of the professional goals is likely to have the highest impact on the quality of your life.


Quartely Goals

So, now you know what is most important and you have your goals laid out. That's all nice, but this is not going to make your dreams come true. You're not going to become the person you want to be by just making resolutions and never going through with them.  In order to plan properly and in the most effective manner, think about setting due dates on your goals, preferably by splitting the year into quarters.

We always start with the bigger picture, but to tackle them is much easier to do by breaking them down into actionable steps. The next step is to break the quarterly goals into weekly ones. The best way to successfully complete what you set out to is to set achievable goals. When you take a look at the steps you need to take, you will easily be able to tell if this is attainable or not.

Who Do I Want To Become?

Think about who you want to become. What is the best version of you in your mind?  By doing this you will see what kind of habits this person has. What does this person do on a daily basis and what is their routine? You are what you do everyday, you are your habits. If you want to become an athlete, you need to live how an athlete lives.  Doing something good for yourself is like planting a seed.

If you plant healthy seeds you will lead a healthy life. In the book Atomic Habits, the author stresses the importance of the identity you take on. For example, for someone who wants to develop a journaling habit, tell yourself that you are a person that journals everyday. This way you are much more likely to stick with it, because now it your identity and that’s who you are.