Early Morning Routine - Create Your Own

With all of the hype about entrepreneurship these days, a lot of stress is being put on creating your own “morning routine”. The benefits of an organized life are undeniable, but putting a steady morning routine into place can be surprisingly hard to do.


Waking Up Early

This brings me to one of the biggest struggles when it comes to starting your new life as a

morning person – Waking Up Early. Everyone has at some point wished and dreamed of being the person who wakes up in the early hours of the day… Maybe at 5 or 6 AM. Luckily, with some small changes in your behavior and habits, you can become this mythical creature too.

Ditch Snoozing

First of all, ditch snoozing every morning over and over again. Closing your eyes for those extra 5 minutes actually makes your situation worse. Hitting the snooze button resets your sleeping cycle. This is called fragmented sleep. It drastically reduces its quality - and when it comes to sleep – quality is what you’re looking for.

Create A Sleeping Schedule

In order to wake up at your desired time, create a sleeping schedule for yourself. Keep in mind that an average person needs anywhere from 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night and adjust your schedule accordingly. Resetting your sleeping schedule is tough and it deserves its own post.

Stop Looking At Your Phone

Another important habit to eliminate is looking at your phone as soon as you wake up. It’s very tempting to do this immediately after turning off your alarm. In an ideal world, your phone won’t even be next to you while you sleep. Instead, try investing in an actual alarm clock and charging your phone in another room during the night. Scrolling through social media will make your stay in bed longer, and have an overall negative effect if consistently overused during your sleeping hours. 

There is a secret weapon to help you resist this temptation. It’s called Forest and it basically keeps you accountable for keeping your garden. Every time you reach for your phone, the tree you planted dies. So, if you want a beautiful forest, you will keep away from your phone for the time you set. You can use this valuable hour or two to get things done.



After you’ve finally mastered the art of waking up on time – it would be very beneficial to implement some form of exercise into your morning routine. Working out in the early hours of the day gets it out of the way and provides you with a great sense of accomplishment. It feels great to know that you are out there working while your competition is still in bed.

Plan Ahead

Finally, it can be useful to plan ahead. If you didn’t plan out your day previously, this would be the right time to write down everything you need and wish to do. Planning and keeping a journal have been proven to reduce levels of anxiety and stress, as well as bringing you closer to your goals.