Coffee Nap - How To Nap For Productivity

Is napping bad or good for you? I have wondered this for a long time, the answers always vary depending on who you ask. I have done some research that can hopefully bring all of us some clarity on this topic! 

Napping is not bad for you if it's done properly. There are different types of naps. The ones most commonly mentioned are the power nap, and the coffee nap. A power nap is a short 20 minute nap that can be extremely useful if well timed. The body should not be allowed to enter a deep sleep state.

A coffee nap is 20-30 minutes long, taken after drinking a short cup of coffee. Coffee naps have been scientifically researched and proven to be more beneficial than coffee or napping by themselves. 


What is a power nap?

A power nap is a short nap, usually about 10 to 30 minutes long depending on the person.  a power nap is supposed to be ended before we enter deep sleep which most commonly happens around 20 minutes into the nap. A full sleeping cycle takes around 90 minutes. Because of the 20 minute sweet spot,  It's best to set an alarm before you fall asleep.

To maximize the naps efficiency, it would be best to fall asleep as fast as possible. To do this it is recommended to find a quiet dark place where you won't be interrupted. Right after waking up go back to work.  the power nap will make you feel energized and ready to be productive once again.

What is a coffee nap?

I coughing up in the first two napping after drinking a cup of coffee. Coffee naps are proven to increase energy. Sleeping for a short time after drinking a cup of coffee is supposed to increase the effects of coffee. It seems counter-intuitive to sleep after drinking coffee and this may confuse you. In fact coffee effects only take place around 20 minutes after drinking it in turn not affecting your nap. After waking up you will be ready to take on the rest of your to-do list.


Why is napping good for producitivity?

Napping for productivity is said to have many benefits:

Final thoughts

We have been told that napping is bad for our focus but today’s research Is proving otherwise. Taking an afternoon nap is likely to be much more efficient in increasing your energy levels then loading up of cups and cups of coffee.