Bullet Journal Or Digital Planner - Which one is for you

Deciding to move from paper to digital planning has never been more difficult. The technology we have today allows us to have a digital experience that mimics using a physical planner.

Digital planning has many advantages because it’s portable and paperless. However, do these advantages outweigh the feeling of using a pen on paper?


Which one is better?

I have been using my bullet journal for 2 years before I discovered the world of digital planning. I can easily say that using a physical planner changed my life and how I go about achieving my goals. If you don’t already have an iPad, the main concern you probably have is if switching will be worth the investment.

I was wondering the same thing. I wasn’t sure if I would stick with using it. What if I went back to using my bujo? Before buying my first bullet journal I tried sticking with other planners and it just never worked. The bullet journal gave me freedom of choosing a different spread every week if I wanted to. This made it exciting and I enjoyed being a part of the bujo community.

Bullet Journal Pros And Cons

Wherever you may fall on the planning spectrum, being organized is certainly the priority. As someone who still uses a mix of both, I can say that it mostly depends on your personal preferences. My digital planner gives me the same freedom of creating unique weekly spreads every week.

If you are still not sure which one to go for, I created a free digital notebook you can try out to help you decide if digital planning is for you! You can use this notebook as your digital bullet journal, or a place for your notes.

Free Digital Notebook

Free Digital Notebook