5 Bad Habits To Eliminate From Your Daily Routine


There is a number of habits all successful people have in common. Studying these habits makes us take a closer look at what it actually takes to become a well organized and self-sufficient person. Some things are more obviously bad for us than others and there are some that seem harmless but are causing us great stress. You can eliminate these bad habits with some conscious effort.

Using your phone in bed

Seemingly harmless but definitely something that should be eliminated entirely from our routines. Using your phone before bed and in the morning right when you wake up is a no-go when it comes to productivity. This bad habit has several proven effects on our body and mind. Staring at a screen right before bed can cause several sleeping disorders as well as generally leave you awake for several hours longer. Checking social media in the morning will make you stay in bed longer while mindlessly scrolling.

Saying "yes" when you should say "no"

The path to success, especially an entrepreneurial one, is very hard to stick to and is full of obstacles. It takes a very long time to achieve your goals and maintaining a social life is an added barrier. Always saying yes will likely cause you to experience burnout and it might leave you unmotivated. Always saying yes in the fear of missing out will also steer you away from achieving your goals. While maintaining a relationship with friends and family is important, we need to make some sacrifices in order to achieve a balanced life.

Comparing yourself to other people

This one ties into constantly checking your Instagram feed. Not only is it a waste of time, it can set unrealistic life expectations and leave you feeling unsatisfied. Nobody is the same and we often forget that everyone has led a different life. It's important that self-worth comes from within and not from other people, you need to feel in control of your own life. After all, if you focus on the journey, you will be much

happier in the process.

Waiting for tomorrow to get started

I have written several times on this topic as I believe it's one of the most important realizations when just getting started with a new habit. If you want to start doing something for your future self, you have to do it now. Tomorrow is going to be the same as today, we never feel rested enough, relaxed enough or smart enough. Each day has its obstacles so there is no reason to wait. Break the cycle and start now!

Believing everything is out of your control

Sometimes when life gets out of hand, we want to blame people or circumstances for what is happening to us. This is always a wrong choice as it will make you feel that your life is not truly yours, that whatever action you take has no meaning or effect. The truth is that we need to take ownership of our mistakes and move on. We are human - therefore we can learn from other people's mistakes too, use this "power" to write your own movie. What is something that you want to eliminate from your life?

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