How To Become A Morning Person

Most of us are familiar with benefits of being a morning person. It simply leads to a more productive and healthier day. Over time, having a fixed morning routine will greatly improve your quality of life, especially if you are dealing with depression. Here are 10 steps to switch from night owl to early bird.Night Owl To Early Bird

  • Create a plan. Take 10 minutes to write what the benefits of getting up earlier will be for you. This will paint a clear picture of how getting up earlier will motivate you and improve your life overall.


  • Create a nighttime routine. A nighttime routine may include things like setting out your clothes for the following morning, listing your priorities for that day or prepping breakfast. Anything that will make getting up the next day easier.


  • Don't look at your phone. Give yourself an electronics curfew and don't touch your phone for an hour before bed. Depriving yourself of the blue light that your phone emits will make it easier for you to fall asleep.
  • Your bed is only for sleeping. This means that you shouldn't work or eat in your bed. Your bed is only for sleeping and you should create an environment that is calming for you.


  • Warm lemon water. Prepare a glass of lemon water and heat it up. Lemon has immune-boosting powers and the warm water will kickstart digestion.
  • Work out first thing in the morning. Getting your workout in this early will boost your metabolism and brain function. You will also feel accomplished and you won't have to scramble later in the day worrying if you will have time to work out.


  • Keep your bedtime and wake time the same. The goal is for your body to develop an accurate internal alarm clock, waking up around the same time will help you achieve this. Being a morning person would ideally mean that you aren't using a phone alarm to wake up.


  • Use essential oils on your pillow. Lavander is known for having calming properties, but you can use any other essential oil. Mix it with filtered water in a spray bottle and use it on your pillow before bed.