Get Your Life Together - Reset Routine

Getting your life together can seem like a difficult task. Sometimes you need to press the reset button and just start over with your routine. This is exactly what a life reset routine is for. This usually happens when you do the same thing for a while, and then your drive and motivation slowly lower, in absence of novelty. There a few things that I try to do. You should dedicate a whole day to getting your life together.

Clean up your space 

This has to be the most effective way to feel completely refreshed. Vacuum your apartment or room, dust all spaces and bring in some fresh air. Get rid of all clutter and clean your wardrobe if you have time. You should also change your sheets because it will feel amazing going to bed that night. Cleaning is always a part of a life reset routine. When you are in need of freshness in your life, its good to start small and this is the perfect way to improve how you feel.

Reset your desk space

If you don't do this every day (which you should), take care of your desk space and space around your computer. Make it appealing enough so that when you go to it tomorrow morning, it invites you to use it. When your desk or office are cluttered, it will take much more willpower to actually sit down and work because there is an extra step in this situation.

Shower and pamper

After you've cleaned your space, it's time to do the same for yourself. Do everything that's possible, like you are going on the first date. Take good care of your hair, face, and your skin. Refresh your nails and whiten your teeth. Do whatever you need to do to feel absolutely fantastic! Lack of good personal hygiene is proven to be closely linked to the state of your mental health. Feelings of complete freshness will certainly put you in a better mood. You have nothing to lose here!

reset routine

Sit down and plan

Now that your environment is ready, it's time to sit down and plan out the next week. Be as specific as possible and set goals. Make sure to schedule in breaks too. Being a hustler is great, but don't risk getting stuck in a rut and giving up in the end. It's better to do 3 things very well than attempting and failing at 10 different things. If you don't have a planning routine already, I strongly recommend figuring out which planning method suits your lifestyle. Owning a planner has changed my life, and I can't imagine living without one ever again! I don't remember how I used to live without proper goal-setting. It's important to me because it keeps me focused and it keeps me accountable. It's easier to do more when you know what you are working towards.

Include smells

This one relates to cleaning your space. I found that if you light a candle or use an air freshener, it completely changes how you feel. I use an oil diffuser like this every night while I read. The pleasant smells calm me down and make me fall asleep faster. Do this after cleaning up your space for some fresh motivation. Doing this is especially useful if you are about to meditate or go through with a self-care routine.

Do the easiest thing on the list

It is recommended that at this point, you do one of the things on your list. This way when you wake up tomorrow, you will have already done something. Also, when you wake up, make your bed. Make this the first thing you do. It sets you up for a good day and you will have some sense of accomplishment even if you've been feeling foggy. In the book "Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...And Maybe the World", the author, a Navy SEAL, points out the importance of making this small action your daily habit. It's very important for everyone striving for something higher, and especially for present and future leaders.

Wake up early

Wake up at dawn and get ready to grind until next time. Do your planned out morning routine. Being awake when everyone is sleeping is a great opportunity to get some work done. You will be able to work without being distracted by your friends and your environment. Also, avoid looking at your phone first thing in the morning. This is a bad habit that most of us have in today's world. Endlessly scrolling will leave you in bed for longer and you just don't want to bombard your mind with this unnecessary information first thing in the morning.

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